Great Finds in the Baseball Card Collecting Hobby

We have all dreamed of finding a super valuable stash of baseball cards in our grandparent’s attic, at a yard sale, or in a newly renovated home. In fact, that does happen from time to time. Here are some pretty important baseball card finds that may persuade you to go hunting for your own baseball card treasure.

1910 E98 Black Swamp Find

The most valuable baseball card find in history happened in Defiance, Ohio. In 1910 the cards were purchased by Carl Hench owner of a local meat market. After his death grandson Karl Kissner was cleaning his grandfather’s attic and found a box with around 700 extremely valuable E98 baseball cards in very good condition. In August of 2012, the top 37 baseball cards from the collections were sold for $566,132 in the Orioles Banquet Room at Camden Yards. Each one of the baseball cards in the collection were a grade of PSA NM 7 or better!

The Boston Red Stockings Antiques Roadshow Find

In mid-2014 at an Antiques Roadshow taping Leila Dunbar appraised a lady’s Boston Red Stockings collection at $1,000,000 dollars. The collection included ultra-rare cards, signatures, letters, and photographs.

Babe Ruth Apartment Wall Find

Rafael Torres was having issues with a raccoon in the walls of his New Jersey apartment. As he busted through the sheetrock to investigate he found a baseball and sports card collection dating back to the 1920s. Of the 262 cards found the Babe Ruth’s were the most valuable. The entire collection was appraised at $10,000 dollars.

1869 Peck & Snyder Cincinnati Red Stockings Box Find

Bernice Gallego, an antique dealer in California, was going through a random box and found and old baseball card. She listed it for sale on ebay for $10. After finding out what it actually was she put it up for auction and it eventually sold for $75,285.

1952 Topps Silver Tray Find

In 1986 well known baseball card collector Alan Rosen was phoned by David Espinola a man in New Jersey. He claimed to know a truck driver living in Quincy, MA that owned some 1952 Topps in excellent condition. Alan was skeptical but he raised around $100,000 dollars to take along just in case. Alan, another dealer from New Jersey, and an armed cop finally arrive at the man’s house to view the cards. The man goes to a china cabinet and pulls out a silver tray filled with 1952 Topps baseball cards. There were around 42 Mickey Mantle baseball cards in mint condition. There were more cards of the same year in another room. The cards were meant to be giveaways in a toy store for the sale of baseball gloves and equipment. After the deal was done Alan spent around $125,000 for the cards, finder’s fee, and the cop that went for security. After all of the baseball cards were finally sold Alan profited over $400,000 off of the deal.

Ty Cobb Paper Bag Find

An anonymous family in California was cleaning out their great grandfathers rundown home when they found a crumbled up paper bag with 7 100 year old Ty Cobb baseball cards inside. Joe Orlando from PSA authenticated the find. The baseball cards were worth over $1,000,000 at the time.

Hopefully these stories will reignite the love of baseball card collecting for some. The fun is in the pursuit and collecting of baseball cards. Happy treasure hunting!