5 Expensive Baseball Collectibles Recently Sold

From autographed baseballs to one-of-a-kind documents, serious collectors are paying top dollar to score rare pieces of baseball history. Here are a few of the most noteworthy baseball collectibles that have sold in the past few months.

“Laws of Baseball” Document

The Laws of Baseball document was written by Daniel Lucius “Doc” Adams president of the New York Knickerbockers Baseball Club. Adams wrote this document to propose new rules and specifications for the game of baseball including setting the base path length to 90 feet, the number of players on the field at one time at 9, and nine innings as the standard amount of innings played in a game. He planned to take this document to the New York City Baseball Convention of 1857. In 1999 this document sold at auction for $12,650 but in April of 2016 it sold for the record-breaking amount of 3.26 million dollars! It is the highest amount paid for a baseball document and the third highest price paid for a piece of sports memorabilia.

Babe Ruth Contracts

At the end of April 2016, Babe Ruth’s first contract signed for playing with the New York Yankees sold for a staggering $549,000. This was a record-breaking sell and the most ever paid for one of Babe Ruth’s New York Yankees contracts.

2001 Mike Piazza Post 9/11 Photo Matched Jersey

After the tragic events of 9/11, life, including sports, came to a grind halt. Sports teams didn’t know what to do and some even thought of canceling their seasons. On September 21, 2001, The New York Mets and Atlanta Braves were playing and Piazza hit a huge two-run home run symbolizing that after tragic events occur you have to be strong and move forward. Piazza’s jersey from that game became a symbol of the healing of New York City and the entire country. Many people around the world wanted this jersey. In fact, Piazza’s family stayed in the auction until it reached over $90,000. Finally, Anthony Scaramucci, Tony Lauto and an unnamed third party won the jersey paying $365,000. This sale set a record for being the most expensive modern day jersey ever sold. The new owners plan to keep the jersey in New York City.

Farm Fresh Cracker Jack Poster

A rare Cracker Jack poster dating back to 1915 was discovered in a Wisconsin barn and recently sold for $61,741. It was a promotional piece featuring a set of cards and images including Shoeless Joe Jackson, Ty Cobb, and Honus Wagner. This farm fresh poster is one of three that is known to exist.

Mike Trout Orange Refractor 2009 Bowman

In 2009, Trout was a first-round draft pick by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. In 2012, he became a regular player in their line up, won the Rookie of the Year Award, and was the stolen base leader. In 2014, he won the Most Valuable Player Award, the Hank Aaron Award, and was the RBI leader. In March of 2016, A 2009 Bowman Orange Refractor (graded 9.5) sold for $14,000! This is one of the highest prices that a newer, modern baseball card has been sold for.

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