The Most Valuable Baseball Cards of 2016

When you collect as an investment or even as a hobby, you may dream of one day being able to sell baseball cards at a profit. While the conventional wisdom tells you to buy vintage baseball cards, conventional wisdom isn’t always up on the latest industry developments. Yes, a Mickey Mantle rookie card in mint condition will always be a valuable commodity, but believe it or not, 2016 produced some winners, too.

If you don’t think it’s worth it to buy baseball cards made after about 1980, you’re thinking of the run-of-the-mill cards you can buy for a couple bucks a pack. As special inserts have become more desirable and as production rates of these inserts has shrunk, they’ve become increasingly valuable. Therefore, you can sell baseball cards from 2016 at a handsome profit.

The Most Valuable Card Series

Certain series contain more high-value cards than others, even in 2016. That means when you buy wax packs that may contain one, you’re more likely to pull a card that could be worth hundreds of dollars. When you’re ready to sell baseball cards, these will be at the top of your deck.

Obviously, some series cost more, making them more of a commitment, but in other cases, those higher prices may be worth the investment, given the odds of finding one of these special cards. When you sell baseball cards from these series, you’re more likely to make a nice profit. These are the 2016 series that contain a few high-priced individual cards:

Common Threads

The most valuable cards in 2016 may be younger players or older players. They may be bound for the Hall of Fame or they may not have appeared in a single MLB game. They may have game uniform patches embedded in the card. They may have a shiny reflector surface. They may be one of one or one of a dozen. But they do have some commonalities:

  • All of the most valuable baseball cards in 2016 are signed. Signature cards have always been worth more than other cards. This year is no different, and these cards have been authenticated. They’re not like the cards you had signed at the ballpark.
  • Rookies or draft picks. One of the reasons rookies have been more valuable than other cards, even in vintage sets, is the risk involved. If you pull a rookie card out of a pack, what are the odds that the player will go on to have a memorable career? Pretty low, but collectors love the chances and typically pay more for a new rookie, making them more in demand.

The Valuable Cards

The top 15 most valuable 2016 baseball cards are all worth more than $300, according to Becket and other sources. To sell baseball cards, you’ve got to find the right buyer or the right dealer, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get this amount. These are the posted, public prices:

  1. Panini Immaculate Collection Autograph Dual Materials Black #7 Buster Posey ($899.95)
  2. Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Blue Refractors #CPAYM Yoan Moncada ($799.95)
  3. Bowman Chrome Draft Top of the Class Box Topper Autographs #TOCMM Mickey Moniak ($799.50)
  4. Topps Gold Label Framed Autographs Black Frame #GLFAI Ichiro Suzuki ($770.00)
  5. Bowman Chrome Draft Superfractors #BDC188 Jon Harris ($699.99)
  6. Topps Pro Debut Pro Production Autographs Red #PPAAB Alex Bregman ($699.99)
  7. Elite Extra Edition Autographs Status Tie Dye Die Cut #99 Tim Tebow ($699.95)
  8. Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Blue Twitter Refractors #CPAAA Anthony Alford ($649.33)
  9. Bowman Chrome Red Refractors #40 Corey Seager ($600.00)
  10. Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relic Autographs #CCARMT Mike Trout ($600.00)
  11. Topps Allen and Ginter Framed Mini Autographs Black #AGAMT Mike Trout ($600.00)
  12. Immaculate Collection Immaculate Trio Players Memorabilia #5 Lou Gehrig/Joe Jackson/Ty Cobb ($599.50)
  13. Topps Allen and Ginter Framed Mini Autographs #AGARKI Kevin Costner/Ray Kinsella ($499.99)
  14. Bowman Chrome Rookie Blue Refractor Autographs #YM Yoan Moncada ($450.00)
  15. Topps Allen and Ginter Box Topper Autographs #BLANG Nomar Garciaparra ($449.99)

Most Valuable Baseball Cards of 2016