Summer Premium Live and Catalog Auction

Lot #15: Outstanding 1933 Goudey Baseball 24-Card Uncut Sheet Featuring Mint Babe Ruth – All-Original, with No Restoration!


      This is an extremely rare – and likely unique – wide-bordered, final production uncut sheet containing 24 fully printed 1933 Goudey baseball cards. Among its two dozen subjects, the sheet's format includes the completely rendered design of card number 181 Babe Ruth, as well as those of numbers 168 Goose Goslin, 187 Heinie Manush, 188 Rogers Hornsby and 189 Joe Cronin. Although 1933 Goudey uncut sheets are made available in the hobby from time to time, most are of the much less desirable Canadian variety; very few American-issue sheets have been confirmed – let alone examples that feature a Babe Ruth depiction. Additionally, lesser survivors are typically cropped in irregular fashion, not equipped with neatly executed factory borders such as those demonstrated by the exceptional display piece seen here. This visually amazing sheet is bursting with color, and its attractive array of poses exhibits truly remarkable preservation. The front of the Ruth card has been well-protected over the years by the other cards surrounding it, and its image puts forth an essentially perfect appearance. The sheet carries only the most minor and light, wholly peripheral wear and toning; the reverse side is likewise boldly printed and unsullied. The approximately 11-1/2" x 14" item's surfaces, front and back, reflect phenomenal, all-original splendor. A narrow strip of residual vintage adhesive at the left edge is reminiscent of Goudey window signs of the period, suggesting the one-time contemplation of that role for this superb piece, as well. Clearly standing as one of the finest extant specimens of an intact, final-process Goudey sheet incorporating Babe Ruth, this peerless eye-catcher is an immensely significant relic from the most important and popular bubble-gum card set ever created.

Final Bid (Includes Buyers Premium):$67,375
Minimum Bid:$25,000
Number of Bids:8